You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Get Started

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Get Started

It was more than a year ago that I first came up with the idea of creating this blog. In fact, there are probably countless times that I’ve told my friend Jaan about this idea over Skype.

However, every single time I’ve thought about taking the leap, I’ve made excuses and lots of them.

  • My writing sucks
  • No one will take me seriously
  • I can’t handle it with all my other projects
  • People I know might read it and judge me

And a billion other, incredibly irrelevant and silly thoughts that stopped me from actually doing anything about it.

I was scared.

Pat Flynn has an awesome saying that I think really applies to situations like this:

“The things we’re most afraid of, are the things we should be doing the most”

Perfection is irrelevant

When you get started at blogging, you’re obviously not going to be as good at it as all of your favorite people like Seth Godin.

That’s no reason to put things off, like I used to do. In fact, I still do it with many, many things I know I should be doing.

How the hell do you plan on being a good writer/blogger/rapper/copywriter/singer/dancer/poker player, if you don’t practice? Where will your 10,000 hours be coming from?

You can’t expect to wake up one day and then suddenly be good enough to start your blog, if you’ve never even sat down to TRY and write an article.

My writing still sucks, but I don’t care. I can feel the progress. I can see it with the increasing number of readers, especially those who come back nearly daily.

There’s a first for everything

Apple Lisa

Apple Lisa – Perfect? I don’t think so.

Imagine if George Washington had never ran for president, because he had never been one before?

Steve Jobs had never tried creating the Mac, because it hadn’t been done before?

That one fella never thought about slicing bread and selling it that way?

None of these three events/creations were perfect when they started, but that’s OKAY.

The “Apple Lisa” and “Apple I” probably sucked real bad in terms of what we have today, but if it weren’t for those two.. I probably wouldn’t be writing this on my fancy Asus Ultrabook.

Practice really does make perfect

I’m kind of repeating myself here, but I think this is really really important.

Things will not just happen to you. No one will come knocking on your door offering a book deal, if you haven’t done anything to make that happen.

The perfect girl will not come into your life, while you’re sitting at home playing video games.

That’s just the way things are, you have to go out (or in) and DO STUFF.

Write that damn article you’ve been thinking about, start that blog you’ve been planning, create that niche site you’ve always wanted, record your new song, or go to the gym and claim your six pack.

And leave a comment, I know you want to! 🙂

(Fun fact: I originally intended to call this blog “Imperfect Marketing”)

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Get Started Reviewed by on . It was more than a year ago that I first came up with the idea of creating this blog. In fact, there are probably countless times that I've told my friend Jaan It was more than a year ago that I first came up with the idea of creating this blog. In fact, there are probably countless times that I've told my friend Jaan Rating: 0

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  • Maecenas23

    Imperfect Marketing was a great idea 🙂

    • Karl

      I know right!

      It came at like 3-4 AM while listening to Seth Godin’s “The Dip”.

      Wrote it down, tried to buy it next morning but it was taken. Messaged the owner and offered big bucks, but she declined and said that she’s writing a book with that title 🙁

  • SebiP

    Ok man I just subscribed to your e-mail list so I won’t miss any of your future posts. I have to agree with your idea, I used to be a perfectionist and wanted everything to succeed from the very beginning but I found out that it’s almost impossible. Only through hard work you can achieve your goal, see ya on skype.

    • Karl

      Cheers mate!

  • Louis

    You said it mate. Taking action is the hardest part but once you make that first step everything else falls into place.

  • oliver

    Karl seems to be very dedicated and very SEO/IM-wise. He´s also very helpful. You will have a great future ahead boy! 😀

    Thanks for the backlink.

    This quote from Alex Becker describes you very well:

    “The difference between great marketers and okay marketers is rarely comes down to knowledge.

    The truth is okay marketers KNOW what they need to be looking into and doing. They just don’t do it.

    The great marketers do. They simply do the crap other marketers are too lazy to do.

    You know where you’re lacking, you know what you could do better, you know what you need help with. Just do it already.

    If you do the same stuff you’ve always done you are going to get the same results and worse yet start to get diminishing returns as the world leaves you behind.”

    • Karl

      Thanks Oliver, really appreciate it 🙂

  • Papis

    There’s a quote I try my best to live by
    “Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on Ice”

    • Karl

      Completely agreed!

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Allar


    Great post, I am trying to start with my website also. It’s a risky road as I have never done anything like that. I plan to get traffic from social media and I have never done that also. All my past experiences in IM have been your everyday BHW methods so it’s interesting for me to build something up from nothing and do it the legit way.

    Do you have some tips on what to take notice of when trying to build up a site (I know your site is pretty new also but still, few months ahead of mine as I literally JUST started).

    Btw: how many visitors do you get/day?

    • Karl

      I think the most important thing when setting up a long-term site is setting yourself a post schedule. It helps you stay on track and focused on it.

      I.e how I try to post every Tuesday and Friday here.

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