Why I’m Moving To Montenegro For Two Months

Why I’m Moving To Montenegro For Two Months

In just two days, right now, I’ll be on a plane flying far far away from home. The end destination is Podgorica, Montenegro.

This is a mini-life/mini-retirement I’ve been wanting to pull off for a long time now, but it’s finally happening.

Every single time someone hears that I’ll be there for two whole months, they ask a pretty silly question (in my opinion):
Why so long?/What will you be doing?/Why Montenegro?

In this post I’ll try and explain what my goals for the trip are, what I plan to be doing and why I’m embarking on this journey in the first place.

Reasons For Leaving

If any of you have read the 4-hour workweek, you’ve probably understood the concept of mini-retirements.

It’s pretty silly to work your ass off for 47 years (the time until my “official retirement”) just to get to the magical reward in the end, when you’re old and wrinkly. Then you spend at most a few years travelling, while you’re already tied down with family, more obligations, responsiblities etc.

Magical Retirement

Is this ALL you’re working towards?

Instead, Tim Ferriss’s concept is to take “mini-retirements” every now and then. These are long-term stays away from your everyday life, anywhere from a month to a year.

With this method, you get the same gratification way sooner and when you come back from your trip, your mind will be replenished. Your motivation will be sky-high and odds are that you will be a lot more productive.

1. Get away from everyday life

For two months I won’t have to hear a word of the Estonian language, I won’t have to walk my dog two to three times a day (although I’ll miss her), I won’t have to wake up in the same place, same bed, every single day. I’ll be free.

Want to go to the gym? No more of the same, routine trip to your regular place. Quick Google search and yet another new place to go to.

Sick of eating rice and chicken every day? (No, I’m not.) You can simply go to a cafe or restaurant, some place you’ve never been before and eat some crazy Montenegro cuisine.

Want to do something crazy? How about diving in cliff Veslo, bungee jumping down Tara bridge or rafting in the Tara canyon?

You could say that there are hundreds of restaurants and gyms in Tallinn that I haven’t been to, but that’s simply not the same.

2. Amazing Climate

The Estonian climate is pretty depressing. Actually the “pretty” part doesn’t fit there.. The climate is disgusting.

We have 8+ months of horrible dirt, rain and mud. Two months of terrible cold and way too much snow, we’re talking -25 Celsius and 60 cm+ snow.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have two months of “summer” which means more rain and dirt, and maybe a week or two of nice, sunny weather at 20-30c.

Montenegro however, being by the Adriatic Sea, has an average yearly temperature of 21C.

During July and August, temperatures above 30 are average and peak at over 40.

I’m a big fan of warmth, the sun, sand and beaches. This is a vacation way overdue for me.

3. Get Travel Experience

I’ve always said that I love traveling, and want to travel a lot. Until I was 18 (slightly over a week ago), this wasn’t really a possibility, at least not alone.

I’ve been to the Czech Republic, the Baltics, Finland, Sweden, Tenerife and Egypt, but that was when I was a lot younger.

Now I have an opportunity to actually do it and immerse myself in another culture, see how much I really enjoy it.

4. Be Alone

Being Alone

Alone But Not Lonely

There’s something magical about solitude, that’s hard to explain.

I really value the time I spend alone, it’s just a great way to escape from everything and relax.

You get to reevaluate everything in your life, ponder over your priorities and goals and get a new outlook on things.

Another benefit of being alone is the increased productivity. Even when someone is in the other room, behind closed doors and completely quiet, I simply cannot sit down and write a post like this. Or any other post for that matter, with the exception of forum posts.

5. Become Self-Reliant

More than anything, this trip is an “exam” for myself.

Do I have what it takes to not only survive, but thrive when I’m alone?

Culinary Disaster

Will This Be My Average Meal?

Can I count on myself to get up every single morning and get shit done?

Will I be eating out every day like a bachelor or will I actually cook? (Chicken and rice doesn’t count.)

Although I’m home alone the majority of the time, I still get a lot of help from my mom and leave quite a few tasks up to her.

Now is the time to prove to myself that I’m capable of doing all of this, on my own, without any outside help.

What’s The Plan? What Will I Be Doing There?

Now that I’ve gotten the reasons for the adventure out of the way, let’s get to the part of actually being there.

Below I’ll try and list some of the things I’ve got planned.

1. Get Shit Done

Procrastination is one of the easiest things to do in the world, and it’s also one of the most destructive.

Writers Block

Typical day trying to write

It becomes even easier when you’re in your comfort zone. Your own “boss chair”, familiar environment, bed two steps away from your office, lots of familiar places to go to, dozens of people to call for no apparent reason and the list goes on…

I really really believe that procrastination in Montenegro will not be a problem. It will be either adventure, or work. No sitting around playing games or watching series.

Work-wise, I’m going to be:

  1. Writing at least two posts a week for this blog.
  2. Finally getting IM Livin’ set up properly (Mailing list, design modifications etc)
  3. Doing SEO work for two clients
  4. Writing a lot of articles for myAmazon associate sites
  5. Learning, learning, learning.

2. Relax & Do Exciting Stuff

Although work will be a key component of this journey, I’m going to be mixing it up with a vacation as well, of course.

Sitting on the beach or at a local pool, partying and sightseeing will be on my itinerary, for sure.

Regarding the exciting part, I kind of mentioned a  few of the things above..

“How about diving in cliff Veslobungee jumping down Tara bridge or rafting in the Tara canyon?

Those are all things I’ve wanted to do for a long time, yet haven’t had the chance to. Back in November I got myself the PADI Open Water Diver license and now it’s time to put it in use.

3. Meet New People

Every single time I’ve mentioned that I’m going on this trip alone, people look at me like an idiot.

“Dude, you’re going to be bored out of your mind…”

No, if I took someone I knew with me, I might as well stay home.

When you have someone familiar with you, it’s way too easy just to do everything with them or stay in one place.

Being a social being, alone, forces you to go out and DO STUFF. Meet amazing new people that you otherwise would’ve never gotten to know.

This could lead to new relationships, awesome adventures and perhaps even business contacts.

For example, both on my way to Podgorica and coming back to Estonia, I’ll have to sit in Istanbul, Turkey for one night.

While there, I’ll be meeting up with a Turkish guy who was going to be my Virtual Assistant back in February.

4. Work, Work, Work

This is the part I simply cannot stress enough. 

There’s no better time to work, than while you’re already getting gratification from it.

I’ve worked my ass off to make this trip a reality.. One of the key reasons people want to make money online, including myself, is the ability to do it from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an active internet connection and at least a laptop.

Sitting in paradise with the laptop you’ve earned, with godlike views, amazing people and surroundings is the ultimate motivation to keep going at it.

Who knows where I could be next summer..



Mancave vs Paradise? Where would you get more work done? (PS, Not me on the image)

Final Tips?

If any of you have any final tips before I embark on my journey, feel free to share them in the comments or via my contact page.

All kinds of feedback, criticism, thoughts and questions are welcome 🙂

Why I’m Moving To Montenegro For Two Months Reviewed by on . In just two days, right now, I'll be on a plane flying far far away from home. The end destination is Podgorica, Montenegro. This is a mini-life/mini-retirement In just two days, right now, I'll be on a plane flying far far away from home. The end destination is Podgorica, Montenegro. This is a mini-life/mini-retirement Rating: 0

Comments (18)

  • Jeremy

    One of the key reasons people want to make money online, including myself, is the ability to do it from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an active internet connection and at least a laptop.

    Absolutely endorse this, it is one of the most amazing parts of this work, especially if you live in a country with shitty climate hehehe

    • Karl

      How much work did you actually get done, while on your Bali trip? Hehe.

  • Ralfh

    Congratulations!! This has been on my to do list for a long time. I admire the fact that you are actually following through and making it happen, it take a lot of balls to do it.

    Keep us posted and happy travels!!

    • Karl

      Thanks, I’ll most likely be throwing up a purely travel related post weekly while I’m gone.

  • Michal

    I just got here cause of Tim Ferriss tweet and I’m lucky I’m here!
    Perfect article and I hope you enjoyed your staying in my country (Czech republic)!
    I really like 4hour lifestyle and hope I will be as you that I will move somewhere!
    I went through your blog and go on!
    I’m big fan of you!

    • Karl

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      Czech republic was pretty amazing, I’m definitely going to be visiting it again in the future!

  • Dan

    I’m glad to read that you plan on working hard on this blog. I am interested in reading on how this trip to Montenegro goes. I’m toying with the idea of moving to Italy next summer for six months, for slightly similar reasons as you are going to Montenegro. Good luck.

    • Karl

      I’ll keep everyone updated! 🙂

      My adventure actually started out with toying with the idea of going to China.. then the US.. then Philippines.. then Romania.

      Finally I just decided to take the leap, bought the tickets for Montenegro and started dealing with it.

  • IronHokie

    Ill give Estonia the title of most beautiful women in the world

    • Karl

      Got to agree on that one..

  • Matt

    Good for you man, you won’t regret taking your mini retirement. I did the same almost 1 year ago (I chose Buenos Aires) and it was definitely a good move. A few words of advice:

    1. Have a purpose. Traveling just for the sake of traveling won’t be enough, you’ll get lonely and wonder why you left in the first place. Make sure you have a real objective for going where you’re going (learn the language, find a mentor there, etc).

    2. Enjoy the moment. Remind yourself every morning how lucky you are to be able to be where you are, feel appreciation for your mini-retirement and the people and things that allowed you to get there. This will help you live in the moment and appreciate your experiences while they are happening.

    Have fun!


    • Karl

      I definitely am not regretting it, one of the best experiences I’ve had so far and it’s only been a few days.

      I outlined the majority of my purposes in this post, although they’re much much deeper in reality.

      Regarding enjoying the moment, that’s the magic of Montenegro. The views are stunning, the people are beautiful and the weather is amazing.

      It’s so easy to just stop somewhere and appreciate the place and remind yourself of all the work you’ve put in to get here.

      Thanks for the comment, Matt.

  • Maecenas23

    Enjoy your time mate. Hopefully it will be a productive mini-retirement!

    • Karl

      Cheers Vlad.

      I’m off to a pretty good start, it’s promising.

  • Mart

    I am so glad you took action and went there!

    • Karl

      So am I, hehe.

      Thanks for the comment, Mart!

  • emzed

    Hey Karl, I was in Kotor, Budva (and many other places) this summer… it was amazing!
    Montenegro was definitely a nice country.
    I didn’t like the capital though… not much to see!

    Good luck

    • Karl

      Agree with everything you said, hehe.

      Podgorica was nice, but there’s not a whole lot to do there.

      The coast towns were amazing, though. If I had stayed at the coast, I wouldn’t have gotten ANY work done, so I don’t regret it 😉

      Everything is so close-by, it’s not really a problem.

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