Why I Spend Over an Hour a Day Listening to Audiobooks

Why I Spend Over an Hour a Day Listening to Audiobooks

It was exactly a year ago when my life changed completely. 

A few months before that day, I had discovered Entrepreneur On Fire which is a podcast, with hundreds of different entrepreneurs. Every single day John Lee Dumas posts up a new podcast episode with some amazing people, asking them all kinds of intriguing questions.

I remember it perfectly, it was a morning JUST LIKE now. I was drinking my coffee, multitasking like a madman and listening to EOFire’s episode 238 featuring Neil Patel.

The Switch

I just listened to the whole thing all over again, as I’ve done several times over the course of a year and I’m not 100% sure what it was, but something clicked in me. It was most likely Neil’s amazing, inspiring attitude.

That very hour my life changed and it was like a switch had been flicked in my head.

I suddenly decided that every minute of my life should be productive in one way or another. I decided to take action regarding the advert in the beginning and the end of the podcast.

You could get any audiobook for free by going through their link: http://audibletrial.com/fire (EOFire’s affiliate link, but it’s a free audiobook with no strings attached)

The first book that I ever bought (got for free) was Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.


Ever since that day I’ve been listening to an audiobook every single time I go on a walk with my dog (usually twice a day, over 30 minutes).

Audible Member Since

Exactly a year 😉

Few more times I listen to audiobooks:

  • Going to the gym and coming back
  • Walking anywhere alone
  • When angry
  • When sad
  • When feel like learning something new
  • When I need inspiration or ideas
  • When I feel like I’m wasting my time

Walking my dog is now probably the most productive part of the day. I’ve had more ideas come up doing that, than in all my brainstorming sessions altogether. In fact, I’m pretty sure that even the idea for this blog and the final push I needed to take action on it, came from listening to a book, while walking my dog.

By now I’ve finished over 48 books (You can see a reading list on my about me page for now.)

Here’s a fun fact: that’s approximately 48 times more books than I’ve read in my whole life, in one year.

That has been an investment of over $400, plus over 7 books I’ve had to purchase on paperback because they’ve had that big of an influence on me (i.e all Tim Ferriss’s books, Chris Ducker’s Virtual Freedom, Ryan Holiday’s “The Obstacle Is The Way” and Ramit Sethi’s IWTYTBR)

Each and every book I’ve read so far has had an impact on my life in one form or another, there have been very few ones I haven’t enjoyed so far. Probably because I’ve turned to the “all-time bests” and books recommended by people I follow or have great respect for.

Either way, audiobooks (or books if you prefer reading, business books to be specific, have become a huge part of my lifestyle now and below I’ll be explaining all of the benefits I’ve discovered from them.

The Benefits of Reading (Business) Books

1. Thousands of Hours worth Knowledge in a Few HOURS

Unless you’re picking up some completely unknown book by a random fellow who managed to get it published..

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody

The odds are really high that the author has put in THOUSANDS OF HOURS into research and finding “the answers” if not more.

People don’t write books on just anything, they write about the things they’re passionate about and care about. This means that they not only want to make money off it, but they also want to learn.

Seth Godin has put in his 10,000 hours in business and obviously has more experience in business than the common man. Combine that with another thousand hours of research into a book and you have GOLD. Now that’s alchemy!

All you have to do to get that knowledge is read his book, which will probably cost you around $10 and a few hours. It’s not 100% the same obviously, but you probably see the point in that.

11,000 hours of experience and research vs $10 and 3 hours?

2. It Really Really Makes You Think

No matter what you read, almost every non-fiction book will give you some kind of mantra or slogan to think about.

Here are some concepts I’ve really really thought about and the books they’ve come from:

I don’t know about you but the majority of those things I probably wouldn’t have thought about too seriously without reading those books.

Yet each and every one of them are CRUCIAL questions that will have a major impact on your life.

3. Ideas En Masse

Although the fact that I’m usually on a walk while listening to audiobooks probably contributes to this, I get the majority of my good ideas while listening to audiobooks.

Whether it be a new business idea, new website idea, new domain idea, this blog or just a blog post idea – AUDIOBOOKS WILL CREATE THEM.

Lightbulb Moments

We all need those “aha moments”.

You listen to Ryan Holiday talk about manipulating the media in “Trust Me I’m Lying” and you get dozens of ideas on how to get press for your local ecommerce store. I could actually picture promoting my soon-to-be watch store with the help of anti-graffiti.

Once I couldn’t get any sleep (because of my coffee addiction, probably) and decided to listen to Purple Cow again at approximately 3 in the morning. Exactly 04:27 in the morning, I had written down a memo on my iPod with a brilliant idea for a domain for this very blog. Unfortunately it was taken and the lady wouldn’t sell it to me, because she was writing a book with the same name.

Yet again, no matter what you’re listening to or what you’re trying to do.. Books will give you so freakin’ many ideas it’s just plain ridiculous.

Signing Off

Although I could think of a lot more reasons why this habit is so crucial, I believe the most important ones have been covered.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be an avid reader to get into audiobooks. I despised books all my life because in school I was forced to read fiction crap that I still consider a time-waste to say the least.

Give it a shot or two and I’m pretty certain that everyone will find it helpful. I mean, thousands of hours of research has to be of SOME value, right?

I’ll eventually create a reading list of my own, but for now you’ll have to refer to the ones I’ve mentioned in this post or just look at the tiny image of my audiobook library, which you can find on my about me page.

Call to Action

It would mean the world to me if you’d leave a comment with your favorite book of all time. It doesn’t even have to be a business book! 😉

P.S. Thank You Mr. Eric Gati at My4HrWorkweek.com for introducing me to EOFire with your motivation vault 😉

Why I Spend Over an Hour a Day Listening to Audiobooks Reviewed by on . It was exactly a year ago when my life changed completely.  A few months before that day, I had discovered Entrepreneur On Fire which is a podcast, with hundred It was exactly a year ago when my life changed completely.  A few months before that day, I had discovered Entrepreneur On Fire which is a podcast, with hundred Rating: 0

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  • Nick

    I know you from blackhatforum and been following your im journey some time now. I really like the vietnam video’s. I’m going to vietnam in september where i will rent a bike and go from hanoi to saigon. few months ago i started reading books too. I’m currently reading ‘total recall’ by Arnold Schwarzenegger and ‘Awaken the giant within’ from Anthony Robbins. Never really tried audiobooks.

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