Why I Love Internet Marketing & Online Business

Why I Love Internet Marketing & Online Business

All of you already know this, but I am just crazy about internet marketing. Ever since I started, it’s been consuming my life, day in and day out.

In this post I’ll try and explain why this is and why you should give it a shot as well!

The benefits of internet marketing & online business

 1. Working Time

Work at any time

Midnight or noon? It’s your call!

You decide when you work. There are no set hours, no 9-5 and no one to tell you when to get to work.

Do your best work at 2 am instead of 9 am? Great, stay up all night and do what you need to do, no one will tell you what to do.

Maybe you don’t have a set time? Great, start working at 4 am or 6 pm, not a single soul will tell you when to do it.

2. Location

This is another crucial part of your freedom. The average internet marketer doesn’t have an office, although that’s a possibility too.

Feel comfortable working at home, sitting in your underwear or lying in bed? Go for it!

Maybe you have a small cafe you enjoy being in to do your writing work? Go ahead!

Need a vacation but don’t want to stop working? Move to Montenegro for two months!

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get stuff done, both of which are really easy to acquire nowadays.

Hell, maybe you don’t even need an internet connection. Get the crucial stuff done at home and schedule things upfront and do things offline on your trip. Write articles in word, work on design, code a program, write a book, whatever!

The world is your office! 😉

Internet marketing potential

This COULD be you.
PS Laptop on the beach isn’t that fun, with all the sand and crap..

3. You are the BOSS

Although I’ve never had a “real job”, I’ve been the boss myself with virtual assistants and freelancers and hence I know what an ass your boss can be.

It’s easy to get out of hand, extremely demanding and expecting everyone to take your business as seriously as you do it.

Well, now, the only person bossing you around is the awesome fellow in the mirror.

The only guy you’re going to be fetching coffee for, is yourself.

It’s an amazing feeling.

4. Your income is up to YOU

Weight on shoulders

Can you handle the load?

I imagine it isn’t the best feeling, going to your “boss” and begging for a raise. In fact, I’m pretty sure the majority of people don’t even do it, because of fear.

Here’s the good (and bad, perhaps) part – everything you make online depends on you, and only you. The weight is on YOUR shoulders.

You’re responsible for every single thing you do and every single thing you don’t do.

Need to make more? You don’t go begging to someone else.. You get off your ass and start a new project on the side, or work harder on what you’ve already started.

You decide what gets done, what doesn’t get done, which offer you start promoting, who you charge money from and how much..

5. Do what interests you

I’m not sure how many 9-5 people have the luxury of doing something they enjoy or have an interest in. As far as I know, the majority of people HATE their jobs and they are far from interesting.

As an internet marketer, it’s up to you to choose what projects to work on.

Maybe you want to know more about playing pool? Awesome. Start an Amazon affiliate site reviewing pool cues and do your own research and writing for the site.

You’re in medical school, becoming a doctor? Create a blog in the health niche and help people prepare for an exam. Make money and make your studies more efficient, while helping others.

Passionate about watches? Start and e-commerce store and a blog along with it. Ramble about watches all day and get sales at the same time.

Fan of video games? There are tens of thousands of gaming channels on YouTube making a living, how are you worse than them? Give it your best!

I could go on and on with examples..

No matter what you’re interested in, there’s ALWAYS a way to make money off it, while having fun and providing value for others.

6. Work with people you like

Let’s face it, not all of the people in this world are a joy to be around. Being stuck 9-5 with someone who is a real downer would kill you and your attitude.

Yet again, we don’t have that problem in IM.

Lone-wolf? Keep at it.

Need a partner or two? Find a Joint Venture!

Need a lot of people around you? Join a co-working space or build a team.

7. Meet amazing people

If there’s anything I’ve realized while working in this field, it’s that the people are amazing.

There are so many passionate, interesting people that it will blown your mind.

And the reason they’re so fascinating is because they’ve broken the “golden handcuffs” and escaped the 9-to-5.

They do things they love, they work on improving themselves and becoming a better person. And they succeed, just like they succeed with their businesses.

The latest confirmation to this was meeting a guy called Bogdan from Romania who runs a pest control company there. Not only was he the nicest person I’ve met on my trip, he has a ridiculously interesting life. I met him while diving, but he also does mountain biking, paintball, mountain skiing and god knows what else!

When did you last meet someone who works the 9-5 and actually has the drive and ability to do things they want to do most?

8. Learn a lot of new skills

It’s a very diverse industry, especially if you’re into building niche sites.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned in the past three years:

  • SEO
  • Conversion optimization
  • How businesses work
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Speed-reading
  • Design
  • Web development
  • Drumming
  • Motorcycles
  • Traveling
  • Creating videos
  • Hiring people
  • Programming

Of course, I’m not a “master” in all of these things, but I know a lot more than I did before and I’m not even directly involved with all of them.

I know quite a bit about motorcycle accessories and drum kits, despite never owning either, all thanks to my niche sites. And there are over 10+ industries like these two that I now have knowledge in.

There isn’t a single thing you can’t learn on the internet, you have to make sure you make use of that privilege.

What next?

What next

Which path are you going to take?

Some of you might be real eager to give this a shot already, but as you probably know, most of my content up to know hasn’t really been that actionable. It’s been directed towards people who are already in the biz.

Well here’s some good news.

In the upcoming months, when I get back home and settle down a bit more, I’ll be creating a guide on the easiest ways for you to get into internet marketing right away. 

Ranging from creating a website, getting the traffic and monetizing it.

Stay tuned! 😉

Why I Love Internet Marketing & Online Business Reviewed by on . All of you already know this, but I am just crazy about internet marketing. Ever since I started, it's been consuming my life, day in and day out. In this post All of you already know this, but I am just crazy about internet marketing. Ever since I started, it's been consuming my life, day in and day out. In this post Rating: 0

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