Ramblings About Goals & The New Year

Ramblings About Goals & The New Year

Last year in approximately November, I wrote down 10 goals of mine for 2014. So far I’ve accomplished 8 of them and don’t really plan on completing any more.

Would I have accomplished less if I had no goals? Would I have accomplished more with a few more? Who knows.

What’s the point of goal setting?

I think there’s this weird misconception (I’ve had it as well) that if you don’t finish a goal 100% – it’s a failure. You’re miserable because you didn’t achieve it, although you probably reached a big portion of it, thanks to the goal.

I believe your goals should be to GUIDE you – not an ultimatum.

For example, one of my goals for 2014 was to start a blog and write 30 blog posts by 31.12.2014.

Today is 23.12.2014 and I have 24 posts up, writing the 25th as we speak.

I didn’t fail. I could mash out 30 posts in the next 8 days but would it be worth it? Without having this goal, I might’ve never started the blog in the first place (which has led to pretty amazing things so far).

That’s the thing.

Goals get you to start working on something. Even if you don’t reach 100%, you probably get at least 50%, which is more than you might’ve gotten otherwise.

Six pack by 1st of February? No? Lost 10 kg in the process anyway? How is that a fail? IT’S NOT.


There’s this awesome cliche about aiming for the stars or something.

Aim low and you’re going to get low results. Aim high and you might not get where you wanted – but you’ll still get further than aiming low.

Enough about this – you get the point.

My goals for 2015

I’m not really the type of guy to talk about my goals, earlier I told you one of the ten and that’s about the most I can say. My goals are super specific and pretty damn personal.

I’m going to write down 10 goals right now to share with everyone, for 2015.

  1. Go skydiving by 27/06/2015
  2. Go diving three times in 2015
  3. Move to the Philippines by November 13, 2015
  4. Finish high-school
  5. Reach a total of 70 blog posts
  6. Get 500 email subscribers for IM Livin’ without investing any money
  7. Start utilizing paid traffic @ $100/month for my own websites by 1.06.2015
  8. Write at least three guest posts on blogs I actually like by 1st September, 2015
  9. Donate blood at least twice (aka conquer a fear)
  10. Wake up at 6 AM for 30 consecutive days

Some of these may seem random for you, or too easy, pointless, whatever.

The point is to have something written down that you know you’re going to strive to achieve. So one day I could come back to this blog post and start crossing them out.

What makes goals work?

This is something quite a few people talk about, because we all know setting new years resolutions doesn’t work. Here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way, that have helped with goal setting and goal achieving.

Be specific

„Start waking up earlier” vs „Wake up at 6 AM for 30 consecutive days” – see the difference?

Which do you think I am more likely to go through with?

First of all, wake up earlier is way too relative. Might be 10 minutes, might be 60 minutes. But it doesn’t have a set time. I don’t really know what time I usually wake up – problem.

Secondly, „start doing it”. For how long? How do I know when it’s done?

With 30 consecutive days, 6 AM, it’s way different. 6 AM is a set time on my alarm clock, 30 consecutive days is measurable and I can tick it off every single day.’

Make it measurable

This is the second point of the be specific part.

30 days is pretty damn measurable – I can look back on every single day and know whether it was a success or not.

„Go skydiving by 27/06/2015” – Yet again, measurable. I either do it by then, or I don’t.

„Start utilizing paid traffic @ $100/month for my own websites by 1.06.2015”

Very measurable, although it could be improved by making it longer. If I wrote „Start using paid traffic for my own websites”, it could mean I try it out once in February with $15 and that’s that.

This wording means that I actually have to experiment with it, get it working and make it true every single month.

Screw The New Year!

The new year is bullshit. There, I said it.

It doesn’t matter what year it is. January 1st is not the magical reset button everyone thinks it is. It’s a day like any other and it is not going to make you a better person.

You’re the only one who can make yourself a better person. No, not after January 1st. You can start now.

You SHOULD start now. Wind yourself up before the new year, end it with a bang, and I’m not talking about fireworks.

Set your own goals for 2015 and start with them NOW. Like I woke up 6 AM today and am at the office by 7 AM. Like I got my Facebook ad account rolling last night. Like I donated blood a month ago.. And so on.

Have an epic new year! You can make it epic NOW!

Ramblings About Goals & The New Year Reviewed by on . Last year in approximately November, I wrote down 10 goals of mine for 2014. So far I've accomplished 8 of them and don't really plan on completing any more. Wo Last year in approximately November, I wrote down 10 goals of mine for 2014. So far I've accomplished 8 of them and don't really plan on completing any more. Wo Rating: 0

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  • Allar

    Good post, how many email subscribers do you already have in your imlivin list?

    • Karl

      Barely any, haha.

  • Holger

    Interesting fact that I’m including in my book – 81% of people fail their new years resolutions eventually.

    While 77% managed to stick to their pledges for 1 whole week (lol), only 19% managed to fulfill and/or habitualize their pledges over the long term. The study lasted 2 years, so that’s a pretty decent time-frame.

    And even those who managed to mostly stick by their pledges for 2 years, still slipped up numerous times during that time. On average 14 times during the 2 years.

    Success definitely doesn’t come easy. Not for most people.

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