Doing Grunt Work And Going The Extra Mile

Doing Grunt Work And Going The Extra Mile

Let’s face it, we all want to be the best in the world, at something (If you don’t, you should probably check out Zipf’s Law.)

Obviously, that’s not as easy as it is to write about being the best, because the people who have come before you have built a steep curve for you to push through, before you manage to hit the top, that’s The Dip.

There are quite a few ways to get ahead of your competition, or simply get better at what you’re doing. I’m fairly certain that ALL of them require WORK, or some kind of investment.

The three most common moves would be to:

  1. Work harder (Become more effective, efficient.)
  2. Work smarter (Do more research, 80/20 principle etc.)
  3. DO MORE WORK (Really, you need an explanation?)

However, there’s one type of work that is often overlooked or even frowned upon – GRUNT WORK.

What The Hell Is Grunt Work?

It’s the simple tasks that the majority of people aren’t willing to do. 

Significant work


It’s not hard work, it’s not tiring work, it just is.. work. The kind that seems so pointless for an important man like yourself to do, surely you have better things to do than grunt work.

  • For kids it could be mowing the lawn or helping out their mom with some house chores.
  • For a 9-5 fella it might be staying an extra hour to fill in for a co-worker, even if he doesn’t have to.
  • For a blogger it’s responding to that email, written in horrible grammar and a stupid question.
  • For some SEOs it might be the occasional manual blog comments or a REALLY useful article.

None of that is really hard, but that is overlooked. We don’t waste time on petty tasks, but we SHOULD.

Grunt Work Is Your Cutting Edge

We’ve all heard the cliche about it being “the little things in life” that make it so good.  In my opinion, that’s the way it is in business as well.

When I was first getting into offering SEO services and only had one client, I did everything I could for that guy to make it an extraordinary experience.

  1. Every day I let him know how things are going, real-time.
  2. I helped him with his other sites without charging a penny.
  3. I gave him ideas for new niche sites.
  4. Explained the ins and outs of SEO
  5. Helped with non-SEO related subjects
  6. Much more.

For just $350 a month, all that extra work would’ve been considered a joke by some people. I was spending countless hours on Skype with him every single week and meanwhile giving my all in SEO campaigns to make sure the results were as good.


But do you know what that led to? For well over a year I didn’t have to worry about getting another client.

He became as loyal as my dog and was one of my best friends for a really long time. Every single place he would go and hear that someone needed help with increasing traffic or SEO work, who do you think he recommended? That’s right.

A few months later of over-delivering to all of his friends and colleagues, I had DOZENS of people waiting for me to have open spots for new clients, just from word of mouth.

Every single time you’re “stuck with” grunt work, keep in mind that your competitors aren’t doing the same. Let that give you the fuel to continue and fly higher than them.

These little things add up really quickly if you persist with them. While your competitors are heading to sleep already, stay up an extra 30 minutes and answer the comments on your blog.

Remember that “Plz elp me make money online? I’m poor and my dog died and my grandma is sick” email you got last week, yet ignored? At least respond and send some articles you think might help. Even if this helps one person out of the hundreds you might send out eventually, it’ll be worth it.

The Grunt Work of IM Livin’

Every single email I will get from the contact form on this site, you can be certain that I’ll be answering it.

Every single email subscriber I’ll be getting, can expect a personal, manually written email from me.

Every single comment that needs an answer, WILL get an answer.


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