Everything “Bad” Leads To Something Good

Everything “Bad” Leads To Something Good

The past few days I’ve been pretty depressed to be honest. And usually I’m an extremely positive and optimistic guy, no doubt about that.

The “problem” has been that my two months in Montenegro are up, in fact I’m writing this in Podgorica airport at the moment.

I’ve fallen in love with the country, the people, the climate and everything else here. It’s killing me to go back to cold, cold Estonia, start school again and all the other mundane things there.

So this post is kind of a wake-up call for me, to remind me something.

Every single bad thing that has ever happened to me, has led to something great

And I’m dead serious when I say that. Every single thing, no matter how bad at first, or bad when looking back upon it, has lead to something AMAZING.

I’d rather not go into very detailed examples, because most of the bad things I’ve been through are rather embarassing, things I don’t want to talk about unless drunk out of my mind.

Here’s a modest example:

Now that my time actually has a meaning and value, I looked back on all the hours wasted as a kid watching cartoons, playing computer games, sitting on forums, watching series and whatnot. Well, the truth of the matter is that without all that, I probably wouldn’t be writing this, as we speak. Those hundreds of hours “wasted” are the basis of my English. That in itself, is the basis of all my online businesses.

Look back

As horrible as it is, I encourage you to look back on the horrible things you’ve been through. It’s hard.

But now try to look back and find something in each of those things.

I can almost guarantee that you wouldn’t regret a single one of those bad things happening to you, at least not as much as you would’ve before this post/idea.

Leaving Montenegro

All that applies to me leaving paradise as well.

The experiences I’ve had here.. The amazing people I’ve met.. The lifelessons learned…

They’re all still going to be there, and this is a trip I’m never going to forget.

However, heading back home isn’t “The end of good things” for me.

It’s a kickstart to new opportunities, new experiences and future mini-retirements like this one was.

In fact, there’s already an amazing opportunity that I have on my mind, that seems more real and real as I move closer to Tallinn, kilometer by kilometer.

Signing off

If you’ve been a “worrywart” like Vincent Nguyen said in a recent blog post on Self Stairway, I hope that this little post has injected a little bit of positivity into your mind.

Stop worrying about the past!

The future is here and you’re in control of all of it!

Everything “Bad” Leads To Something Good Reviewed by on . The past few days I've been pretty depressed to be honest. And usually I'm an extremely positive and optimistic guy, no doubt about that. The “problem” has been The past few days I've been pretty depressed to be honest. And usually I'm an extremely positive and optimistic guy, no doubt about that. The “problem” has been Rating: 0

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  • Holger Maiväli

    Our experiences make us who we are. Nobody really knows whether or not we would be better off without some of those negative or “wasteful” experiences, but one thing is for sure – without every single one of those experiences, memories and actions taken, you would not be the person you are today.

    And I can completely relate to the “learning to read and write fluent English” bit. By the time English classes started at school, I was already fluent because of the countless hours spent watching Cartoon Network and playing video games. Not too much later I was reading books in English, because – why not.

    And through-out my life, that skill has proven invaluable. It is the reason why I got through school (Class teacher was an English teacher and we got along great), why I was promoted to head of security at the nightclubs I worked at, it’s the reason I’ve obtained so much knowledge online and is also the primary skill that allows me to pursue online business prospects like you.

    High five!

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