Attack Your Fears & Do Crazy Stuff!

Attack Your Fears & Do Crazy Stuff!

Attacking your fears is something that gets hyped up a lot in the self-development industry and even in the business field.

I think it’s safe to say every single “A-list blogger” has had a post on this, or something similar.

Well I just have to jump on that bandwagon now..

The Jump

I decided to take this approach and applied it to quite a few areas of my life, approximately last year.

So far, it has changed me so much and I’ve done things I would never have imagined doing a few years back. 

The main reason I went with this was because of a motivational video with Will Smith, where he stated a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself

And it’s just so true.

For example, I’ve had a lot of thoughts about moving out on my own for the past year. It all seemed impossible, way too complicated, way too hard.. “What if I can’t manage” blah blah blah. All kinds of self-doubt and criticism.

Although I still haven’t moved out and don’t plan to until I finish school, it doesn’t seem that crazy anymore.


Because I moved to Montenegro for two months.  This has been a pretty good “test” for my independence and it has worked out well.

Now I’m actually EAGER to move out on my own, and probably not in Estonia… Which means that it also alleviated my fear of solo-travel.

I always pictured the worst-case-scenarios and actually believed that they would happen. None of them have. Ranging from getting robbed for everything I have, not having any money or not being able to fly back home.

Nothing happened. 

Travel is just as safe as it is walking around the streets of Estonia. At least here it is.

My Fear Of Heights

This has probably been one of my biggest fears, of all time. Ever since I like six or something.

I had once been at some mall, on the second floor and there was a glass balcony I was leaning against. In my mind, I pictured the glass breaking and me falling down. Since that day, I’ve been crazy scared of heights..

Now in Montenegro I tackled that fear pretty heavily by going canyoning. Repelling down backwards off some crazy canyons.. It was a big thing for me.

To top it off I jumped off from some of the canyons, into water. The first time was crazy but after that I was actually enjoying it.

Here’s a video of one of the canyon jumps there:

It doesn’t seem like it, but that was a HUGE step for me.

I’m now planning on doing skydiving when I get back to Estonia. Maybe right away, maybe next season..

The Power of Attacking Your Fears

Okay, all of the above probably seems really petty to everyone, who hasn’t had the same fears.

Like to me it might seem crazy to be claustrophobic or scared of water or something (which is a real thing).

But that’s the thing with fears in general, they’re UNREASONABLE. 

And you can’t reason someone into something, that they didn’t reason themselves into. 

That’s why you have to take that leap and attack your fears. It shows you that there’s nothing that crazy about it and from there on makes your life so much easier.

And this applies to everything.. Not just silly fears like mine.

  • Starting a business – it might fail.
  • Starting a blog – what if my friends see it?
  • Moving abroad – what if I go homeless?
  • Giving blood – (I have no idea why I’m afraid of this)
  • Public speaking – what if they laugh me out’
  • Anything – what if?

The Method

This little method comes from the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss.

If you’re afraid of something, picture the absolute worst case scenario, but at the same time keep in mind that it’s probably not going to happen.

Let’s look at my travel fear of going homeless or getting robbed or whatever..

I get robbed and lose everything I have, have no plane ticket back and no contacts to get a place to stay etc. Worst case scenario I sleep a few nights on the streets and get a cold, beg for food while explaining my situation and start hitchhiking my way back. Or if I’m further away, I’d ask someone for a phone or find an internet cafe, contact someone back home and have them send me money to get back, or arrange plane tickets.


The same thing for my canyon jump..

I wasn’t going to die. Worst case scenario I would have slipped, hit my head against the canyon, maybe have a concussion. Fall down, hit the bottom and break my legs. The instructors would drag me out of the canyon and get me help, hopefully. BUT IT’S SO UNLIKELY THIS WOULD EVER EVEN HAPPEN.


This is actually a future blog post topic but I feel like I need to mention it here as well.

Every single bad thing that happens to you, always leads to something good. 

I seriously believe this. No matter what, it will remotely lead to something AWESOME.

I can look back on every time I’ve screwed up, wasted my time, or whatever and find that it has lead me to the life I have now.

What are YOU afraid of?

I really really encourage you to leave a comment with something you’re afraid of.

Seriously, do it!

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  • Allar

    I am afraid of taking on big long term business plans that will not generate me any income for months while at the same time I am broke. And I am afraid that even after the months my business has not took of or I have failed, resulting in wasted time in my life.

    • Karl

      That’s definitely a common fear, I think every entrepreneur goes through it.

      Just look at people like Elon Musk. They’ve gone through the same thing, he was crazy in debt and almost bankrupt before the THIRD launch with SpaceX.

      Even if a venture like that doesn’t turn out the way you’d like it do, it’s definitely not wasted time in your life.

      It’s a business lesson at worst, or maybe even a life lesson. Just a really expensive one.

      If you picture the worst case scenario, what are the odds of something REALLY irreversible happening? Slim.

      You just might have to become a bit more frugal and live a different life until it works out – for a greater reward.

      Thanks for the comment! 😉

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