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First of all, I’d like to thank you for your interest in me and the site.

IM Livin’ will be a blog on a huge variety of subjects, as you may have already read from the tagline.

I’m definitely going to cover internet marketing, lifestyle design, traveling/vagabonding and all kinds of fascinating stuff of that nature. That’s what the “awesomeness” stands for in the tagline.

Why did I decide to choose so many subjects to start with? Because I’m interested in ALL of them, heavily. It would be silly to limit myself to talking just about SEO or internet business and then just leave everything else I’ve learned and will learn along the way, in my head.

What About The Future?

Since this is literally the very first page I’m writing on this site, it’s really hard to say where things will be going exactly.

I imagine to begin with, there will be a lot of posts on things I’ve learned in the past about internet businesses, self-development and myself.

In the long-haul however, you can expect a ton of practical guides, tutorials, case studies and even free courses, to get you actually making money online, if you’re not already.

It’s all about the no-bullshit approach and making things as simple as possible.

I’ll prove to you, that you DO NOT need an MBA to escape from the 9 to 5 or the “golden handcuffs“.

About Me & My Journey In The Entrepreneurial World

I’m Karl and I’m 17 18 years old (for now) and I’m from Estonia.


One of the very few images that exist of me.

I got into internet marketing nearly three years ago, ridiculous, right?

It was back in August 2011, up to which point I was just an average school kid. I spent my days playing silly games online, wasting time watching TV and unfortunately did a lot of things an underaged kid probably shouldn’t have done.

It all started off with really basic stuff. I recall trying to download a crack for Crysis 2, a gaming addict as I was. I ended up on a site called FileIce, where I was asked to fill out a survey to get my download, which obviously would’ve cost me a ton of money.

That irritated me like crazy and I wanted to find out what the deal was with these surveys. With a little research, I found out about Pay-Per-Download programs, such as the site mentioned above.

People would upload files, get silly kids like me to download them by filling out a survey, and in return they would get $0.5-$15 per download.

The Very First Money Made Online

The remainders of the first money I made online.

This immediately lit up a fire inside me, because I knew HUNDREDS of similar things that people might want to download. I applied for the site, got accepted and started promoting all kinds of crap, just to get downloads. During my first months I was already making $100-300 a month from that and was psyched up. Who would think that you can actually make money online and receive it?

My mind was blown and I started getting addicted to this type of stuff.

Shortly after that, I started discovering forums like BlackHatWorld and learning about the potential online.

What Next?

Pay-Per-Download wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world and after discovering forums and blogs in this field, I discovered dozens of new, more exciting ways to make a living.

The next step was creating silly Adsense sites, micro niche sites (MNS) to get a few cents here and there off ad clicks.

The very first site I made in that field was called Hampton Inn Coupons, which I sold at a loss a year later, for like $50.

To this day, I still have no clue what the articles on that site were about. I simply outsourced a few pages of content, threw it up there and started doing SEO, really really bad SEO.

With a few months of effort I actually managed to rank that site, although not for a long time. This skyrocketed my interest yet again and I delved into studying search engine optimization like a madman.

I blew all the money I had made on tools, servers, captchas and sites to start testing a variety of methods.

6-7 months later I was making a solid income from a combination of CPA (Cost-Per-Action) sites, Adsense sites and even a clickbank review site.

What To Do With ALL That Knowledge?

So you start making an income from your own sites, realize you can rank sites in Google with some effort and investment, what do you do?

I went the stupid route.

Instead of creating more and more sites, I partnered up with a buddy of mine who I met on BlackHatWorld and started ranking his site for $XXX a month, as an all-in-one SEO service.

From there on, I had chained myself down to client work and abandoned nearly all of my websites.

The partnership was successful and I was able to rank his site, ending up with him making over $100 a day from SEO traffic and another $150 a day from his YouTube videos, while I was getting paid $250 a month by him (which was the price I had set).

Offering SEO Services

Being a slave to yourself.

The word got out about that little success and I suddenly had dozens of people contacting me, looking for SEO services.

I was only 15 or 16 and I had 6 clients paying me on a monthly basis, and literally all of my free time went towards that. I started getting “sick” a lot in school, so I would have the time to deal with all of my clients personally and do their campaigns. It was practically a full-time job for me.

This is something I did seriously until last summer, where I slowly started finishing with existing clients and not accepting new ones, to focus on my own stuff.

Albeit I learnt a ton about negotiation, sales, dealing with customers and also refined my SEO skills, this is probably a chapter I should’ve kept shorter.

Creating My Personal Army

At the beginning of summer 2013, I reached a breaking point and got sick of making money for others while leaving myself in the dust (a bit).

There was one video I watched, that really changed it all for me.

It was by a guy called Eric Thomas, aka the Hip-Hop Preacher. Here’s the video:

TL;DW – Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re already in the “competition” and it’s your chance to get an edge.

What did this mean for me?

  • The TV from my room – GONE.
    Morning person

    I call bullshit.

  • Facebook on the bookmarks tab? GONE.
  • Waking up 1 PM? Nope, 6 AM every single freakin’ morning.
  • Sitting around? Nope, 12 hour+ workdays.

This was a major change in my life.

I eliminated every single distraction, I was more productive than ever and was taking responsibility for everything that happened to me.

That summer I started up twenty new sites for Amazon affiliates, which I’ve taken real good care of.

They all have thousands of words of high-quality, unique content, ranging from reviews to general articles on the subjects.

They have multiple tier 1 blogs and articles that are manually created, with yet again, thousands of words of unique content.

This project became my “Baby” and it’s still in progress for me, as a side-project.

In future posts, I’ll definitely cover Amazon associates, the benefits of the program and how you can start your own affiliate sites and start raking in the dough.


Up to that point I had probably read 3-4 books in my whole life and those were probably in like the fourth grade or something.

What changed in this department? Thanks to John Lee Dumas at Entrepreneur On Fire (great podcast, check it out), I discovered Audible.com

For a tiny amount of money, you can listen to almost any book in the world.

Now even walking my dog was productive, I went for 45 minute walks three times a day and listened to every single business book I could get my hands on.

Ever since that day, I’ve listened to over 40 books and it has had a major impact on me.

What I realized was that every single question you may have, someone has written a freakin’ book on it. What’s the big deal? The authors have put in hundreds, if not thousands of hours to finding the answers for you. All you need to do is dedicated a few hours and focus.

That’s definitely something I’ll cover in a future post, explaining the benefits in-depth.

Here’s an image of the partial book library I’ve accumulated over the year —- >

My Audiobook Library

That’s quite a few hours. Click for bigger image.

There are even a few books that I’ve bought on paperback, despite hating reading.

These are the ones that have probably had the biggest impact on my life, such as Tim Ferriss‘s “4-Hour Workweek” and Rolf Potts‘s “Vagabonding”.

Random Facts & Other Interests

Here I’ll just add some stuff that I couldn’t fit in the other parts of this post, but feel that might be worth a mention.

List of Things I’m Crazy About Besides Internet Marketing

  • Mustangs, period.
  • Bodybuilding/Lifting heavy shit off the floor.
  • Coffee
  • Tupac Shakur, KRS-One and classic rap/hip-hop
  • Terminaator (Estonian rock band, “fits” in nicely among rap)
  • Breakdancing (I suck at it, but I love it in spite of that)
  • My little Jack Russell Terrier

No, she’s not called Snoop Dogg.












I’m a big fan of watching videos of people I admire (duh), especially when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.

When you watch keynotes of people like Gary Vaynerchuk, you hear these crazy stories of lemonade stands while ridiculously young, hiding $30k under his bed from selling baseball cards and whatnot.

I always thought that I didn’t have that kind of stories and have “converted” myself into the business mindset, but after giving it some thought, I realized I’ve done some pretty silly stuff.

Here are some silly semi-entrepreneurial things I’ve done as a kid.

Kindergarten Hustlin’

Way back in kindergarten, me and a buddy would pick up dandelions which grow like hell during the summer here. They’re basically weeds.

What did we do with them? Sold them over the fence for like $0.2 and people would buy them out of sympathy.

First job ever? Probably.

More Kindergarten Hustlin’

This is the one I’m probably most proud of.

Back in those days, toys called “Bionicles” were pretty hot and my parents had bought some for me.

With some kid in the group, I managed to trade some little pieces into a freakin’ musical instrument.

Huge Business Transaction

Obviously not talented in Photoshop.







I remember my parents nearly having a heart attack because of this.

Dealing Arms

Toy gun

Rap music made me do it?

Well the first thing in school was in first grade, where I had bought this little toy gun, that shot tiny yellow bullets.

I sold it to some guy in the class for maybe around $5-10 which was huge for me back in those days (obviously).

Unfortunately, he ended up shooting someone in the head with it the same day and to be conservative, I got in a little trouble for dealing arms.

Our Own Newspaper

A few years later we started a newspaper with one of my best friends.

I think we made one copy with a standard printer, pretty much just copying news from the internet and then we tried to sell it at the bus stop for ridiculous amounts of money.

I think he still has it to this day, if I ever get around to finding it, I’ll make sure to add an image.

Closing Off

Big props to anyone who actually managed to read through all of this gibberish, it’s greatly appreciated.

We have one hell of a journey coming up with this blog and I’m really hoping that you want to be a part of that.

If any of this is at all interesting to you, sign up for my email newsletter for updates on the latest post and eventually, lots of freebies! 😛

Right now is your chance to join the tribe early on, and later be proud to be one of the first! 😉

It would mean the WORLD to me if you’d leave a comment with any feedback or suggestions or your own entrepreneurial stories.

All the best!

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  • Hieu Nguyen

    Ha, found you WhitePassion! Your story is very inspiring. Keep up your good work man!

    • Karl

      Thanks 🙂

      Glad to have you on the blog!

  • Allar

    Hea meel näha ühte edukat IM-i, kes pärit Eestist ja on veel nii noor 😀 Kõike edu!

  • silvermario

    You have some nice writing skills mate, how did you learned english so good?
    The chick in the photo is also not bad 😉

    • Karl


      Honestly? I spent half of my childhood watching English cartoons and the other half playing online games, in English.

      A few other factors:
      Rap music
      Online forums
      Curiosity (Anything you wan’t to find out, you have to Google it nowadays)

  • stronger61

    Very good Karl. These stories you have written are really good and inspiring. Keep up the good work my friend.

  • Username*

    I also more interested to became an Entrepreneur but the language may be english means it would be helpful for me to understood something more

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